Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Further introduction

For the second part of my presentation I want to tell you about my readings and my reviews.

As I mentioned before my favourite genres are fantasy, Sci-Fi and horror. My most reading material comes from fantasy and it is followed by Sci-Fi and horror. Occasionally I read historical fiction and sometimes mystery. But my reviews will cover the favourite genres I mentioned.

I read only one book at the time. I rarely start a second book without finishing the one that I read, mainly because I like to complete what I've started (even though sometimes is difficult). I'm not a very fast reader, I have a job that occupies most of my time. But every time I get the chance I read.

I don't like e-books very much. I'm used to read books since childhood and so even it sounds conservative I love books. I love to turn the pages and I love to see the cover art whenever I open or close the book. And besides, at my work I spend 70% of my time in front of a computer.

My reviews will have a description of the plot, but without spoilers. Also they will follow some general lines. Mainly it will follow the action, the worldbuilding and the characters, but not necessarily. The reason for this is found in my interest in geography, history and mythology, and I like to see what the authors create in their books regarding world, history and religion. My reviews are made by a reader for readers, so they will not fit the professional definition. As I mentioned in my first post I wanted to be an editor, but I end up studying economics (don't ask me how because I really do not know). Also you have to excuse my english because I've learned it myself (through books, movies and computer games) and I didn't learned it in school, so it is possible to encounter some mistakes in my reviews. I hope you will excuse them.

Thank you for your visit and interest.


Tia Nevitt said...

I wish I could only read one book at a time. I generally have two books going at once, light and humorous and the other more intense. I read whatever matches my mood. I hope that made sense!

Mihai A. said...

It makes sense, but I'll stick to one at the time for now :).
Thank you Tia for your visit.