Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Domingo Santos Award finalists

Between 6th and 8th December the 32nd edition of HispaCon, the Spanish National Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention, will take place in Montcada i Rexac (Barcelona). As usual, the winners of the Ignotus Awards, presented by AEFCFT (The Spanish Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror Association), will be announced, but also the winner of the Domingo Santos Award. Established in 1992 Premio Domingo Santos is an award offered to an original work, up to 15,000 words, selected by an appointed jury. This year, 104 works have been accepted into competition and from them 5 have been shortlisted for the 2014 Domingo Santos Award. The winner will be announced on Sunday, 7th December.

“La oscura majestad de la Dama Cuervo” (The Dark Majesty of the Lady Raven) by Niño Calabaza
“Cinco años de felicidad” (Five Years of Happiness) by Ovidio Sardán
“Oranii” (Oranii) by Kenneth Kinkor
“Médicos” (Doctors) by Mancha
“Pobres ovejitas” (Poor Sheep) by Syzethal

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