Monday, January 24, 2011

Book trailer - "The Fallen Blade" by Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Venice is a fascinating city and my travels in this marvelous location were wonderful experiences. In the last couple of years I’ve seen two fantasy settings that resembled this amazing city, reflecting it in an imaginary world. Tim Stretton’s “The Dog of the North” featured a city, Mettingloom, which resembled Venice adding to the mix a very interesting political system and Amanda Downum’s “The Drowning City” taking place in Symir, a location with many wonderful elements that remind of the Italian city. This month Orbit Books will release a new historical fantasy, Jon Courtenay Grimwood’s “The Fallen Blade”, a novel that takes place in Venice. I am not very thrilled about the vampire mentioned there, because this creature hit a new low for me, but the political intrigue and the location of the novel are giving me a couple of reasons for trying this new historical fantasy and see what it has in store.

Venice, 1407. The city is at the height of its powers. In theory, Duke Marco commands, but Marco is asimpleton so his aunt and uncle rule in his stead. They seem all powerful, yet live in fear of assassins better than their own.
On the night their world changes, Marco’s young cousin prays in the family chapel for deliverance from a forced marriage. It is her misfortune to be alone when Mamluk pirates break in to abduct her – an act that will ultimately trigger war.
Elsewhere Atilo, the Duke’s chief assassin, cuts a man’s throat. Hearing a noise, he turns back to find a boy drinking from the victim’s wound. The speed with which the angel-faced boy dodges his dagger and scales a wall stuns Atilo. He knows then he must hunt him. Not to kill him, but because he’s finally found what he thought was impossible – someone fit to be his apprentice.


Tea and Tomes said...

After reading that descrition, I don't think I have words enough to properly describe how much I want to read that book!

Jamie Gibbs said...

I like the sound of the blurb, and I like the subliminal imagery in the trailer too. Gimmie!

Mihai A. said...

I am not very thrilled, because of the vampires, but I am curious to see what "The Fallen Blade" is about :)