Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book trailer - "Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories" by Marian Coman

As I learned from personal experience movie trailers are not something to take for granted, most of the times the impression left by the movie is quite different from its trailer. I cannot say that I stopped watching movie trailers because of this, but I do not take them as guidance as I used to do at the beginning. However, I have mixed feelings when it comes to book trailers. I didn’t buy any book based on book trailers. Well, actually I did buy one, Ransom Riggs“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, and that proved to be a more than an excellent choice. Like the movie trailers, I do watch any book trailer that falls into my attention, but I watch book trailers also after I read that particular book which is not the case with the movie trailers. Recently I’ve seen a trailer for one of my favorite books of 2011, Marian Coman’s “Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories”, and this is one of the cases of watch/compare/imagine with my personal opinions about the book. I admit that I am not very fond of the book trailer for Marian Coman’s excellent collection of stories. Somehow, I see his book differently and I would have gone with a different approach for this trailer. Considering that in Romania we do not get many book trailers and Marian Coman’s talent deserves any form of publicity (except the negative one, of course) he can get I will salute the apparition of the book trailer. And hopefully, the next trailer for one of Marian Coman’s books will be even better.

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