Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Argos Magazine - a new Romanian magazine of speculative fiction

It gives me great pleasure to see that things on the local speculative fiction move further on and there are new signs of a better future for the Romanian fantastic. There are eight magazines in Romania dedicated to the speculative fiction plus one featuring the suspense, mystery and horror genres; four of these magazines are in print and the others have online editions. From this month the Romanian speculative fiction became richer with the apparition of Revista Argos, an online magazine with the main goal of supporting and promoting the local talent. Argos Magazine desires to offer a professional medium for the Romanian writers of speculative fiction, new and established alike, a place for interviews with these authors and reviews of Romanian SF&F publications. One of the sources of inspiration for Argos Magazine is the work made by John Joseph Adams with Lightspeed Magazine and Nightmare Magazine and following the example of these magazines Argos will release its content progressively for each issue. In the beginning the magazine will publish six issues every two months, with an ebook edition of each issue available after the online content is released. Each issue will feature four new stories, four reviews, an interview, an editorial and sometimes an excerpt of a novel due to be released or a re-print of an older local speculative fiction story. Argos Magazine is not available exclusively for the Romanian readership, but it also has a translation button on its website making its content available in English as well. Most of the inaugural issue is already available:

Editorial“A writer’s career” by Michael Haulică
Interview made by Dan Doboș with Dan Lungu
Reviews“Stories written from a high castle” by Tudor Ciocârlie (review of “The Second Coming” by Marian Truţă)
“A debut… heroic” by Oliviu Crâznic (review of “Taxidermy” by Narcisa Stoica)
“Juliette, Romeo and the glasses of amplified reality” by Dan Doboș (review of “The Terminal Year” by Florin Pîtea)
“A French at Paralela 45” by Michael Haulică (review of “’The State’-Internet” by Daniel-Philippe de Sudres)
Stories“Edana Rose” by Oliviu Crâznic
“Atavic” (excerpt) by Liviu Surugiu
“The Run” by Liviu Radu
“The Chimaera” by Narcisa Stoica
“A millions worth smile” by Ioana Vișan

I would like to welcome Argos Magazine and wish it a very long and successful existence! Congratulations!


Michael Haulică said...

Thank you, Mihai. You're so kind, as allways.

Mihai A. said...

Michael, it is my pleasure. Thank you for all the great things you are doing for the Romanian speculative fiction.