Thursday, July 31, 2014

Correction to the 2014 Ignotus Awards list of nominees

It seems there has been a bit of a mix-up with the list of nominees for the 2014 Ignotus Awards and in consequence the Novella and Short Story categories have been affected, as announced by the administrator of the Ignotus Awards, Ricardo Manzanaro:

It has been detected that the work “La edad del vuelo” (The Age of Flight) by Alberto Moreno Pérez (Espiral Ciencia Ficción #53) has 45.000 words, and because of this it cannot be nominated for the “Novella” category, restricted to maximum 40.000 words, although almost all the votes received by the work were as “Novella”. “La edad del vuelo” (The Age of Flight” is eligible for the “Novel” category, for which it is one vote away from the list of finalists, therefore it should be excluded from the list.

The opened place as finalist for the best novella is occupied by the next classified work, in this case “Detective” (Detective) by Rodolfo Martínez and “Mecaderes de tiempo” (Time Traders) by Victor Conde, both with the same number of votes. As the work of Conde has approximately 14.500 words and doesn’t reach the minimum of 17.500 words to be considered for the “Novella” category, passes then to the “Short Story” category, gathering sufficiently number of votes to be included among the finalists.

Therefore, the nominees for the “Novella” and “Short Story” categories are as follows:

“Detective” (Detective) by Rodolfo Martínez (Sportula)
“En el filo” (On the Edge) by Ramón Muñoz (from “Terra Nova Vol. 2” / Fantascy)
 “La montaña” (The Mountain) by Juan González Mesa (Bizarro)
“La penúltima danza del Griwll” (Griwll’s Penultimate Dance) by Ramón Merino Collado (“De monstruos y Trincheras” / Juan José Aroz, Espiral)
“Rafentshalf” (Rafentshalf) by Jesús Fernández Lozano (from “Reyes de aire y agua” / Cápside)

“Dariya” (Dariya) by Nieves Delgado (from “Ellos son el future” / Web Ficción Científica / Revista Terbi nº 7)
“El aeropuerto del fin del mundo” (The Airport at the End of the World) by Tamara Romero (from “Visiones 2012” / AEFCFT)
“El enemigo en casa” (The Enemy Within) by Concepción Regueiro (from “Historias del Crazy Bar” / Stonewall)
“Mecaderes de tiempo” (Time Traders) by Victor Conde (Sportula)
“La última huella” (The Last Footprint) by Miguel Santander (from “La costilla de Dios” / Libralia / Revista TerBi nº 6)
“Los orcos no comen golosinas” (The Orcs Don’t Eat Sweets) by Carlos López Hernando (from “Visiones 2012” / AEFCFT)
“Wendy de los gatos” (Wendy of the Cats) by Jesús Fernández Lozano (from “Reyes de aire y agua” / Cápside)

The administrator apologizes for this last moment verifications.
Ricardo Manzanaro, the administrator of the Ignotus Awards

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