Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Table of contents - "Terror Tales of Yorkshire" edited by Paul Finch

It is time to embark on the journey for the seventh destination of Gray Friar Press’ series of terror tales anthologies edited by Paul Finch, Yorkshire. Ever since “Terror Tales of the Lake District”, the first in this series of anthologies, was published three years ago and with each new one being released I found myself thrilled and enchanted with the concept behind these collections, with all these myths and legends parading old and new clothes and the writers bringing them into the spotlight. Carole Johnstone, Alison Littlewood, Gary McMahon, Tim Lebbon, Adam Nevill, Simon Bestwick, Ray Cluley, Stephen Volk, Joel Lane or Christopher Fowler are some of the excellent writers who offered me as many reasons of delight in the terror tales of the Lake District, the Cotswolds, East Anglia, London, the Seaside and Wales. And with another powerful line-up assembled by Paul Finch and the promise of devils, murder machines, horrors, tunnels, tricksters, shadows, witches and aliens it seems that “Terror Tales of Yorkshire” adds more strength to this already strong series of anthologies. I’ll not repeat too much what I’ve already said on a couple of occasions before, but I’ll say once more that I find the entire concept of this series fascinating and I’ll reiterate my dream of seeing it extended to an entire collection dedicated to the terror tales of various regions of the world, if not all of them.

Yorkshire – a rolling landscape of verdant dales and quaint country towns. But where industrial fires left hideous scars, forlorn ruins echo the shrieks of forgotten wars, and depraved killers evoke nightmare tales of ogres, trolls and wild moorland boggarts...

The stalking devil of Boroughbridge
The murder machine at Halifax
The hooded horror of Pontefract
The bloody meadow at Towton
The black tunnel of Renfield
The evil trickster of Spaldington
The shadow forms at Silverwood

And many more chilling tales by Alison Littlewood, Mark Morris, Stephen Laws, Simon Clark, Mark Chadbourn, and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

“In October We Buried the Monsters” by Simon Avery
The Decapitation Device
“The Coat off his Back” by Keris McDonald
Haunting Memories of the Past
“They Walk as Men” by Mark Morris
The Yorkshire Witches
“On Ilkley Moor” by Alison Littlewood
The Black Monk of Pontefract
“The Crawl” by Stephen Laws
The Woman in the Rain
“Ragged” by Gary McMahon
The Hobman
“A True Yorkshireman” by Christopher Harman
The Town Where Darkness Was Born
“All Things Considered, I’d Rather Be in Hell” by Mark Chadbourn
A Feast For Crows
“The Demon of Flowers” by Chico Kidd
City of the Dead
“The Summer of Bradbury” by Stephen Bacon
Radiant Beings
“Random Flight” by Rosalie Parker
Death in the Harrying
“The Rhubarb Festival” by Simon Clark
The Alien
“The Crack” by Gary Fry
The Boggart of Bunting Nook
“A Story From When We Had Nothing” by Jason Gould

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