Thursday, October 22, 2015

Title spotlight - "Cemetery Dance Select: Kaaron Warren"

I am always thrilled when a new book by a favorite author is being published, even if it is a reprint or a new collection gathering familiar stories. I am also perfectly aware that even though I would love to see new fiction from my favorite writers coming out each year it is not always possible, there are plenty of things required by such new stories, among them the author’s personal life and inspiration playing very important roles. But since I can always go back to the works that made a writer a personal favorite I am willing to wait patiently for the next book no matter when it comes. Kaaron Warren falls into this category, I am already eager to garb her new short story or novel whenever they will be available, but until then I still have her collections and novels to keep me company. And all those are joined now by another, Cemetery Dance released on June one of their titles spotlighting short fiction, “Cemetery Dance Select: Kaaron Warren”. Five stories previously published are gathered in this volume sampling Kaaron Warren’s exceptional talent. So, if, like me, you wish to revisit some of Kaaron Warren’s short fiction or you wish to discover another excellent writer give “Cemetery Dance Select: Kaaron Warren” a chance. I am certain you’ll not regret it.

“The Blue Stream” (originally published in Aurealis Magazine, No. 14, 1994 – nominated for the 1995 Aurealis Award, Best Fantasy Short Story)
“A Positive” (originally published in Bloodsongs Magazine, No. 10, 1998 – winner of the 1998 Aurealis Award, Best Horror Short Story)
“State of Oblivion” (originally published in “Elsewhere: An Anthology of Incredible Places”, 2003 – nominated for the 2003 Aurealis Award, Best Science Fiction Story)
“All You Can Do is Breathe” (originally published in “Blood and Other Cravings”, 2011 – nominated for the 2012 Ditmar Award, Best Short Story & the 2011 Stoker Award, Best Short Story)
“Air, Water and the Grove” (originally published in “The Lowest Heaven”, 2013 – winner of the 2013 Aurealis Award, Best Science Fiction Story & nominated for the 2014 Ditmar Award, Best Short Story)

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