Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Comic Book: "Necronomicon"

This August BOOM! Studios will release a new mini-series of four issues, „Necronomicon”, in which the writer William Messner-Loebs and the artist Andrew Ritchie will reveal the origins of legendary author H.P.Lovecraft’s book of knowledge. Over at Comic Book Resources you can find two very captivating articles, in the first one, William Messner-Loebs Opens the “Necronomicon”, the writer talks about the future title and in the second one, Portrait of Cthulhu as an Old God: Woodward & Ritchie on “Necronomicon”, the artist and the cover illustrator, J.K. Woodward, talk about the forthcoming release. The articles kept my full attention, with glimpses of the story and of the images, and with excellent cover arts. Also I really liked one very original method used by J.K. Woodward in creating his covers:

“So I put a lot of decomposition, textures, anything that would visually bring out this look of decay. On one of the covers, I actually lit some scrap paper on fire and put it out with coffee, crumpled it up, dried it in the sun, scanned it in and applied it as a texture to the corners of my painting. It gave me just the look I wanted and it was fun to do! It's not art if you're not making a mess.”

I already put this title on my shopping list.

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