Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back home, to excellent news

The last trip was quite long and tiresome, but it went very well. It didn’t left me much time for rest or reading, but it proves to be rewarding already. At my return home I was very happy to find, however, that finally the Swedish Academy decided to award the Nobel Prize for Literature to the great Mario Vargas Llosa. I read 6 of Mario Vargas Llosa’s novels and each one of them was a delight. I remember especially “La Ciudad y Los Perros” (The Time of the Hero) an excellent and complex novel, with multiple perspectives and sending the reader well on thought, “Pantaleon y Las Visitadoras” (Captain Pantoja and the Special Service), a novel entertaining and hilarious, and “Conversacion en la Catedral” (Conversation in the Cathedral), a novel that portrays Peru of 1950s and that together with Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “El Otono del Patriarca” (The Autumn of the Patriarch), Augusto Roa Bastos’ “Yo, El Supremo” (I, The Supreme) and Alejo Carpentier’s “El Recurso del Metodo” (Reasons of State) form a quartet of novels related to dictatorship that always will stick with me. Congratulations to Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa! It is well deserved!

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