Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The holiday is in the past now

It is the first time since my high-school years that I feel that the summer holiday was not enough. It is true that back then there were three months of vacation, but three not enough months. This year there were only two weeks of holiday, but I could use at least three more. Anyway, nothing to do about it, therefore thinking too much about it doesn’t have any use.

It was a great holiday though. Lago di Garda is a very beautiful place and Sirmione, where we stayed, is a quiet and relaxing location. I could have stayed all day long near the lake and read, but I had plenty of different activities. Visits to some historical places, cycling, splashing in the pool, but no sun bathing since I am a bit like a vampire in this case. Mihnea, our 8 month old son, had plenty of magical moments too. He enjoyed a lot the pool, the walks near the lake and meeting the ducks that swim there and the dogs that walked near it and above all the Mary-go-round in Gardaland. Speaking of Gardaland, we took a ride in Raptor, an insane attraction and an experience that I am not willing to repeat any time soon. A wonderful holiday.

So, this week things get back on track slowly. The most pleasant of them is blogging, which will get its regular schedule soon. I have a few more reviews to write, besides a couple of older ones, and I believe that I can start working on them next week. These two weeks of holiday were very busy with diverse activities, but I did have the chance to finish Drew Magary’s “The Postmortal” (which was rewarding), Chris Wraight’s “Dragonmage” and half of the Black Gate 15th issue and of the Amanda Pillar and Pete Kempshall’s anthology “Scenes from the Second Storey” (exceptional so far). Also I will finish the review of Marian Coman’s “Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories”, the excellent collection I’ve talked about before going on vacation. Plenty of things to do for putting my blog back on track.

How were the last couple of weeks for you?

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