Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer holiday

Finally, that time of the year has come. The first one. For a long time I didn’t expect the summer holiday with such impatience. It was a busy year so far, although I am not complaining, and it cut a bit in my free time. Anyway, I will be leaving on Monday and this time I will not pack any books for the holiday. Instead I will bring my Kindle with me, fully charged. I have the e-reader for month now and I became accustomed with it. I certainly didn’t expect such an experience. The holiday will give me plenty of chances to experience more with it and write my full feedback at my return. Also, I will certainly have plenty of reviews, because I do hope to catch up with the ones that remained behind and transform the notes I made for them in reviews. I hope that you will have a great time the next couple of weeks too and to see you back after the 5th of September :)


Unknown said...

Have fun, Mihai. :)

I had so many mishaps a few months ago that meant the blog went without for days - even weeks! - at a time, so I'm not sure I've earned a couple weeks off myself. But we'll see. I've been idly ogling cheap flights for a while now, and once that starts... there may be no turning back!

A Shadow Falls said...

Kindle, the saviour of baggage allowance!

I know there's huge great piles of well known authors and books on Kindle, but recently I've been looking at indie authors. If you do get time, I'd thoroughly recommend checking out David Shepherd's epic fantasy novel. For an indie author (even a traditionally published author to be honest!) it does not disappoint!

Mihai A. said...

Niall, thank you very much :)
It is a tough year, but rewarding too. I hope you'll manage a trip though. And I know what you mean, once settled on something we cannot go back ;D

A Shadow Falls, Kindle is great for such trips indeed.

ediFanoB said...

Have a great and relaxing time Mihai.

NoOne said...

I'm a recent Kindle convert, and being able to pack so many books without having to leave your clothes behind is such an advantage :) :) Happy Holidays :)