Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cover art - "Whitechapel" by Martyn Taylor

From the series of titles released by Morrigan Books I read none disappointed me so far and that made this small press one of my favorite independent publishing houses and not only. Morrigan Books adapted to the growing market of electronic books as well and started to release e-books in high quality format besides its line of printed books. One of the upcoming releases in Morrigan Books’ e-book series is the debut novel of Martyn Taylor, “Whitechapel”. And although we still have to wait a while for the release of Martyn Taylor’s “Whitechapel”, due to be published on October I believe, we can admire the cover artwork made by Daniele Serra for this title. Daniele Serra is one of the best modern dark artists and this can easily be seen on this cover artwork too, a beautiful and haunting piece of art, bearing his unmistakable touch. Yet another excellent example of a book cover that can do wonders for a writer who is virtually unknown.

During the Indian summer of 1888 London is the capital of an empire that colours half the map of the earth red. Yet even the rulers of such an empire are taken aback when envoys arrive from a very distant location, wishing to come under the protective wing of the Great Queen. While the government entertains the visitors (the ‘Men from Mars’) they also have them kept under close observation by their chief secret policeman, Inspector Fred Abberline. These mysterious visitors also attract the attentions of a penniless radical teacher and journalist, George Wells, and his equally eccentric lady friend, Miss Cara Benn. As the negotiations proceed in Whitehall, in Whitechapel Abberline and Wells become involved in ghastly slaughters that will leave the inspector’s place secure in history, as well as opening up the future to Wells.


Civilian Reader said...

That's awesome. Really like that art.

Mihai A. said...

I love it too! And I love Daniele Serra's style quite a lot :)