Thursday, August 28, 2008


This week my blog reached a milestone, it was its 100th post. This got me thinking for a while, what I’ve made here and what I’ve achieved since I started the blog. So even though I’m quite happy with all I did here on Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews I feel the need for something new, too.

So, I have been thinking at this for a while now and with the blog’s milestone I thought even harder on the matter. As you know I really love reading in general and Fantasy literature in particular (followed closely by Horror and Sci-Fi). Also you know that I’m really in love with Fantasy art, featured on covers of novels, game books or otherwise and this passion was covered on a few posts made here in the past.

I’m working now on a material for my blog about Fantasy art (I hope it will be ready next week) and because of this material and my blog’s milestone I decided that I will introduce a weekly post about Fantasy and cover art. I feel that this type of posts isn’t far from the objectives of my blog, they will compliment my reviews, interviews and news about Speculative Fiction and they will bring something new to my blog.

So from next week my blog will feature a weekly post about Fantasy art and I hope you’ll really like it. If you would like to share your opinion on the matter it will be the most welcome as always.


ediFanoB said...

Hi Dark Wolf,

from my point of view it's a good idea.

Here are some sources where I look for fantasy art:

I really look forward to your new fantasy art post.

Good luck!

Mulluane said...

Sounds like a great idea, especially since you love fantasy art. Your passion for it will spill over into your posts and can't help but enhance your blog.

Just have fun with it!

shaunesay said...

I would certainly like it! I'm always on the lookout for new fantasy artists to admire!

Good idea, I can't wait to see what you find and spotlight for us!

Mihai A. said...

I'm really excited about this and for now things are looking great for my project. I hope you will like it :)
Michael, thank you for the links :)

Anonymous said...

great idea, I'm looking forward to see how it turns out :)

Anonymous said...

congrats from your romanian fellows!...see you on the two hundred posts;)

Mihai A. said...

Thank you very much :)