Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back home

Well, as always, the good things come to an end so the vacation is over. But if all the great things last forever than they will be a common thing and wouldn’t be enjoyed very much. We had a marvelous time, Portugal is a beautiful country and the people are warm and hospitable. We really liked Lisbon and Porto, we saw a great library at University of Coimbra (we weren’t allowed to take photos there, but will keep a wonderful memory) and enjoyed a few days of rest and sun at Praia da Rocha in the Algarve region (most of the time I stayed where the shadows were because I really hate sun burns).

I made a little change on my reading schedule because I couldn’t take “The Name of the Wind” on vacation due to her dimensions, but I read Scott Andrews“School’s Out” in “The Afterblight Chronicles”, Joseph D’Lacey’s “Meat” and Tim Lebbon’s “30 Days of Night”. I will start reading Patrick Rothfuss’ novel these days and from the next week I will post my reviews of the books read in vacation. I also enjoyed seeing my wife caught up by “The Shadow of the Wind”, this great novel and one of my favorite books ever.

Unfortunately at my return home I came upon one very bad news. I read the announcement made by my friend Robert at Fantasy Book Critic stating the end of his interviews and reviews. It is sad because the blogosphere loses her best reviewer. I perfectly understand his motives, but it still saddens me.

Torre de Belém is one of the symbols of Lisbon and we had muscular fever after going on top on some very steep stairs.

Cabo da Roca the most western continental point of Europe and as you can see a very windy one.

We had some monkey business in Gibraltar.

Praia da Rocha is where we stayed for a while and enjoyed some sun and rest.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mihai, glad you enjoyed your break and I am looking forward to seeing your new reviews.


Mihai A. said...

Thank you very much :)
I'm still catching up things now, but I think the reviews will be ready next week.

Anonymous said...

great pictures, and also, this is a fantastic place you got here...last nigh i discovered and from then i`m browsing through the posts..great job... cheers!

Mihai A. said...

Thank you very much. And I'm very happy you like it here :)