Friday, April 9, 2010

Cover art - "A Crown of Swords" by Robert Jordan

The ebook editions of the Robert Jordan’s series, “The Wheel of Time”, released by Tor reached the 7th novel, “A Crown of Swords”. As Tor Books’ objective is to have each of the covers of these ebook editions made by a different artist we can see the work of the 7th illustrator, Mélanie Delon. As always, Irene Gallo in an article on throws a light on the interesting and captivating process behind the creation of the cover. I am not very fond of the character driven covers, but this one is stunning. I usually don’t have two copies of the same book in my library, but if Tor Books decides to re-issue the Robert Jordan’s series with these covers I am determined to buy them.


Anonymous said...

Well the ones I have in the series are really rather boring and I would much prefer something like this, although I am not a massive fan of character covers. But anything has to be better than that uninspiring black background and couloured wheels!


Adele said...

I quite like this one.

Mihai A. said...

Raine, these are great covers indeed, especially if I think of the old Tor covers for "The Wheel of Time" series :)

Adele, it is a great cover :)