Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cover art - "The Gathering Storm" by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Tor Books releases the ebook editions of Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” and each book benefits from a new cover, designed by a different artist. Since October 27th, 2009, each month, Tor Books surprised us with some beautiful artworks for the cover of these ebook editions. The impressive list of artists who worked on these covers includes David Grove, Kekai Kotaki, Donato Giancola, Sam Weber, Dan Dos Santos, Greg Manchess, Mélanie Delon, Julie Bell, Scott M. Fischer, Greg Ruth, Michael Komarck and continues this month with Todd Lockwood. With a great career and exceptional artworks behind him Todd Lockwood is one of the masters of fantasy art. His high standards of work can be easily seen in the cover art Todd Lockwood made for Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s “The Gathering Storm”. He made an amazing scene and one of the best covers of these ebook editions. It is difficult to choose one of them as the best one, because Tor Books did a great job with all the covers, but Todd Lockwood’s artwork stands out. As with each cover, on we can take a look on the process of creation of this artwork with the help of a great video.


Aspoiu said...

It looks mmmmmuch better than the paper edition's cover which is utter kitsch in my view.

Mihai A. said...

All of them look better than the paper editions, which are not something to praise on ;)