Monday, November 19, 2012

Free fiction - "Our Man in the Sudan" by Sarah Pinborough

Published for the first time in “The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories” and re-printed in “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20”, Sarah Pinborough’s “Our Man in the Sudan” was nominated in 2009 for the World Fantasy Award at the Best Short Story category. “Our Man in the Sudan” is a mix of spy and supernatural fiction at its best, with a haunting atmosphere. Sarah Pinborough combines local mythology with an excellent drawn setting creating the perfect sense of place for the reader. With such a background and an obsessive ambiance the fact that “Our Man in the Sudan” doesn’t reveal the conclusions in their full front nudity, leaving them covert enough for the imagination of the readers to do as it pleases with the story, makes Sarah Pinborough’s tale even more appealing. You can enjoy “Our Man in the Sudan” for free now on Sarah Pinborough’s website.


James Everington said...

It's a great story; I read it initially in the Mammoth book & it still stands up reading again.

Unknown said...

Ah yes. Thanks for the link.

Mihai A. said...

James, I read on the Mammoth anthology too and I am happy to re-read it too. It is an excellent short story :)

Gef, it is my pleasure. I hope you'll like it :)