Monday, November 26, 2012

Table of contents - "The S.F. Crone's 1001 inventions" edited by Ștefan Ghidoveanu

As I said in the presentation of “The S.F. Crone’s 1001 inventions” Ștefan Ghidoveanu’s anthology is one of the most exciting projects of the modern Romanian speculative fiction. This new collection was released the past week-end by Millennium Books at the Gaudeamus National Book Fair and here is the complete table of contents of Ștefan Ghidoveanus’ anthology, “The S.F. Crone’s 1001 inventions”:

“Literature and internet or About the S.F. Crone’s inventions (Foreword)” (Literatură și internet sau Despre „Scornelile” Moshului SF (Cuvânt înainte)) by Ștefan Ghidoveanu
“The letter of Mil Neajlov from Deveselu for his brother, Grigorie, from Craiova” (Scrisoarea lui Mil Neajlov din Deveselu către fratele său, Grigorie, din Craiova) by Adrian Buzdugan
“Self-adjustment mechanism” (Mecanism de autoreglare) by Cirpian Mitoceanu
“Phase displacement” (Defazaj) by Ioana Vișan
“Golem, golem...” (Golem, golem…) by Liviu Radu
“The exile” (Exilul) by Ștefana Cristina Czeller
“The phases’ space” (Spațiul fazelor) by Cristian M. Teodorescu
“Metaphagy” (Metafagie) by Antuza Genescu
“The punishment” (Pedeapsa) by Raluca Băceanu
“The story of the last bookworm” (Povestea ultimului şoarece de bibliotecă) by George Lazăr
“The bullet from the brain, the world from the eye” (Glonţul din creier, lumea din ochi) by Lucian-Vasile Szabo
“The return of the wizard” (Întoarcerea vrăjitorului) by Ana-Veronica Mircea
Glitcherine” (Glitcherine) by Michael Haulică
“The queen of the night” (Regina Nopţii) by Narcisa Stoica
“White cabbage butterfly” (Albilița) by Marian Coman
“A new home” (O nouă casă) by Roxana Brînceanu
“White fairies” (Spiriduşii albi) by Oliviu Crâznic
“The dreams maker” (Făuritorul de vise) by Sergiu Someșan
“The book with locked, silver bindings” (Cartea cu scoarțe de argint, ferecate) by Florin Pîtea
“Afterword. The alpha reader” (Postfaţă. Cititorul alfa) by Cătălin Badea-Ghercostea


Anonymous said...

In English, a crone is an ugly old woman ("zgripturoiaca"). I'm afraid Stefan Ghidoveanus a man...

Mihai A. said...

Very true, however I found on one or two extremely rare occasions the term "crone" referred to an old man. And since Stefan Ghidoveanu plays with the word mos (old man) I allowed myself a playful approach for crone too.

Moshul SF said...

Dear Sirs,
Don't argue, resistence is futile: I'am a crone with a superbly black & white beard!!!