Friday, February 7, 2014

Crowdfunding campaign - "Awakening: The Art of Michael C. Hayes"

I might not be much of a fan of crowdfunding projects and I never search specifically for one in a domain or another, but nowadays it is inevitable not to stumble upon such enterprises that manage to pick my interest. There were also a couple of such projects, like “The Art of Brom”, that I was really enthusiastic about and jumped on their financing wagon without any hesitation. This week I came upon another crowdfunding campaign that appealed instantly to me, for Michael C. Hayes’ art book “Awakening”. I am a long admirer of Michael C. Hayes’ art and I am always thrilled to see his new and old works alike and since one thing is to admire paintings on the computer screen and another entirely to see them properly exhibited or reproduced in albums, Michael C. Hayes’ funding campaign couldn’t have a better reward than this art book in my opinion. The project looks even more appealing when another Michael C. Hayes’ art book, “Prologue”, can also be purchased together with “Awakening” through this campaign. However, the nature of things these days makes a pledge from my part a bit difficult at the moment, but the good news for me is that the project is already successfully funded, so I can get a copy of “Awakening” later in case of the least fortunate scenario. Of course, depending on the level of the pledge and if certain stretch goals are achieved the backers of this project can receive other wonderful things besides the volumes of Michael C. Hayes’ art book, featuring his works from 2008 until now, a sketchbook exclusive for this Kickstarter campaign, 12” by 18” or 8.5” by 11” prints, pages and commentaries added to the book and so on. Full details can be found at the page of this financing project. I might not turn into a fervent supporter of crowdfunding campaigns, but with projects such as “The Art of Brom”, Ellen Datlow’s “Fearful Symmetries” and “Awakening: The Art of Michael C. Hayes” I could take them into consideration more often than not.

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