Monday, February 3, 2014

Table of contents - Shadows & Tall Trees #6

After we have witnessed the agreement between Undertow Publications and Chizine Publications and the reveal of the excellent cover made by Santiago Caruso for the 6th issue of Shadows & Tall Trees we have access now to the complete table of contents of this upcoming issue. This 6th issue, due to be released on 3rd of June, also brings a change of pace for Shadows & Tall Trees, the publication turns into an anthology, published annually, instead of a magazine, as it was released until this year.

“To Assume the Writer’s Crown: Notes on the Craft” by Eric Schaller
“Onanon” by Michael Wehunt
“It Flows From the Mouth” by Robert Shearman
“Hidden in the Alphabet” by Charles Wilkinson
“Death’s Door Café” by Kaaron Warren
“The Golem of Leopoldstadt” by Tara Isabella Burton
“Road Dead” by F. Brett Cox
“The Quiet Room” by V.H. Leslie
“Night Porter” by Ray Russell
“The Statue” by Myriam Frey
“Shaddertown” by Conrad Williams
“The Vault of the Sky, The Face of the Deep” by Robert Levy
“Apple Pie and Sulphur” by Christopher Harman
“Summerside” by Alison Moore
“The Space Between” by Ralph Robert Moore and Ray Cluley
“Vrangr” by C.M. Muller
“Writings Found In A Red Notebook” by David Surface

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