Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In the news - Sofia Samatar works on two new books

I was delighted to see Sofia Samatar’s “A Stranger in Olondria” adding next to a British Fantasy Award and a Crawford Award a World Fantasy Award for best novel the past week-end, in my opinion entirely deserving so, because it was one of the my favorite books I read last year, and not only. It was not the sole reason of joy for me when it comes to “A Stranger in Olondria” since I also discovered that Sofia Samatar is hard at work not only on a sequel of her debut novel, entitled “The Winged Histories”, but also on a volume of short stories, both of them due to be released by the publisher of “A Stranger in Olondria”, Small Beer Press. And both coming with guarantees, “A Stranger in Olondria”, as I’ve already mentioned, lines up awards and praise, while a collection of short stories can only be a great thing, if only we take into account the excellent “Selkie Stories are for Losers” as an example. But there are others such goodies that make a contribution to the said guarantee and you can find a list on Sofia Samatar’s website, with appropriate links to those available for free online. I am looking forward with excitement for both Sofia Samatar’s new books and hopefully to plenty others to come.

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