Monday, March 23, 2015

Excerpt - "Savages" by K.J. Parker

“Despair is manageable. It's hope that tears you apart.

I made the mistake of reading the excerpt from K.J. Parker’s upcoming novel, “Savages”, posted on Subterranean Press’ website. There is nothing wrong with it, but if I wasn’t already eagerly waiting K.J. Parker’s novel now I can barely keep in check my desire to read “Savages”. This little excerpt is merciless, in heightening my anticipation and also in the scene unfolding in it. It is just a very small sample but I already am intrigued by the main character of this excerpt, one that bares the unmistakable, masterful mark of K.J. Parker, and I have a monstrous curiosity to see what happens with him next and how the event transforms him. Unless I am presuming the outcome wrong and he doesn’t survive this scene.

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