Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the mailbox

Here are some new books I received in the last weeks, through the amiability of their publishers. Thank you both very much.

- "Blood of Elves" by Andrzej Sapkowski (through the courtesy of Gollancz);
- "Principles of Angels" by Jaine Fenn (through the courtesy of Gollancz);
- "The Sweet Scent of Blood" by Suzanne McLeod (through the courtesy of Gollancz);
- "Infoquake" by David Louis Edelman (through the courtesy of Solaris Books);
- "The Ten Thousand" by Paul Kearney (through the courtesy of Solaris Books);
- "Extraordinary Engines" edited by Nick Gevers (through the courtesy of Solaris Books).

So I think it is time for me to get busy :) A little harder this time, because a friend of mine brought me the new PC game, "FIFA 09", and I'm trying to pick my way in the football world. But I will not neglect my reading time :)


ediFanoB said...

Dark Wolf, this is a nice collection.
I'm looking forward to your reviews.

I'm glad that you get books from publishers.

Mihai A. said...

Thank you Michael :) And I'm quite happy too ;)

Adele said...

You are soo lucky.

Mihai A. said...

I will not deny it :)
I'm thinking on a post with he last books I bought (in the last 2 weeks I bought 21 books) ;)

Adele said...

People like us...books are our crack.

Anonymous said...

I've just been loaned a proof of "The Sweet Scent of Blood" which mixes vampire and fae. So, would be interested in that review ;)

Anonymous said...

you bought english books? or translated in romanian :D
i don`t know any of the authors of the books that you got it through the mail...i guess they are mostly new ones :)happy reading

Mihai A. said...

Hagelrat - I suppose we are, but I'm not going to the disintoxication ;)

Anonymous - I will get to it sooner or later :)

Kyodnb - I bought 8 in English and 13 in Romanian. And I just added a new order on Polirom.
Andrzej Sapkowski's works are the inspiration for the game "The Witcher" and Paul Kearney has published two series already, "Monarchies of God" and "Sea Beggars". But I haven't heard of him until recently and I think he is unknown in Romania. The others are new ones indeed :)