Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cover art

I posted a lot about cover art lately, but I have to be honest with you, I can’t help myself. And with this new cover you will see why is so hard for me to do so.

I like to wander in search of amazing artwork and of great book covers. Yesterday, after I received the other two books in Brent Weeks“Night Angel” trilogy I was missing I went in a visit to his website and this way I found a new great book cover. Brent Weeks shows on his site the artwork for the French edition of the first novel in the “Night Angel” trilogy, “The Way of Shadows”, which it is published by the Bragellone publishing house, made by an amazing artist, Frédéric Perrin. I could see also an interesting video presentation of Brent Weeks’ novel. So, I went to visit the websites of Bragellone and Frédéric Perrin and I ended up drooling all over the places (do not take this literally, please) because I found some beautiful things. You can find also a page dedicated to the illustrators of Bragellone books where you can find other great book covers too.

With such artwork I think I should put the books in my library with the covers facing the exterior instead of the spine, but I do not benefit from such exposing space :)


Adele said...

I adored these books and can't wait for his next trilogy.

Mihai A. said...

Adele, I am looking forward to read this series :)

Barbara Martin said...

Cover art is so important for marketing a book.

Anonymous said...

it's Bragelonne not Bragellone

Mihai A. said...

Barbara, I believe that too :)

Calin, you are right, sorry.