Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ASFA suggestions for 2009 Chesley Awards

The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists established in 1985 The Chesley Awards (initially named ASFA Awards), an award that recognizes individual works and achievements in the SF and Fantasy art during the previous year. The Chesley Awards are very captivating and very interesting (since last year several categories of the Awards were decided by decimal point difference in the final raking). ASFA posted a list of suggestions for the 2009 Chesley Awards, which is awarded for the achievements in SF and Fantasy art in 2008. Note that this is not the final list of nominees, but just a suggestion gallery. The final day for the ASFA members to submit nominating ballots is 30th of May and the final list of nominees will be announced by ASFA later this summer. Still the gallery of suggestions is impressive and many of the heavy names of Fantasy art are find in each category. It looks like a close competition this year as well.


Adele said...

I love Joe Hill!

Mihai A. said...

I love Joe Hill too :D