Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the usual program

Hello everyone, how are you doing?
Well, the vacation days are over so I am back home and ready to resume the usual schedule. It was a longer vacation this year than usually is, but it was a relaxing and fun one. We had a good time in Greece, but I have to admit that the best of it was in Italy, where we enjoyed marvelous landscapes, a few very interesting trips and a quite and relaxing time. I have to admit that while I was in Fiera di Primiero I tried to obtain an early retirement, but the guys from the Italian lottery didn’t approve my numbers. My usual involvement with the lottery games is set for one or two times a year. And this year I thought that the appropriate time is in Italy and for a prize of 146,000,000 euros. But it looks like my place in the millionaire club has to wait a while longer. Still, I gained a nice experience and time for relaxation and for finishing another three novels, Warren Hammond’s “Kop”, Conrad Williams“One” and T.A. Moore’s “The Even”. So, now I really need to start working on the reviews since the other three I finished in Greece are still waiting for their review to be written. I am certain that the reviews will be soon ready and I hope that steadily I’ll resume the usual blog activity.
It is nice to see you again.

The sunny Greece.

We missed the Olympics by a year but we’ve been to the initial site of the games, Olympia.

This landscape greeted us each morning.

We went up to a little over 2800 meters where we found this amazing view.

Once again we visited Venice (although I would not recommend a visit in August), the same incredible and beautiful city.


Maria said...

Welcome home! Great pix. Looks like it was a fabulous vacation. I'll be headed to Italy in about 4 weeks (Rome to see the Vatican with my mom).

I hope the weather is nice. It's been beastly hot here in Texas.


Anonymous said...

just curious... what's wrong with Venice in August? hot? crowded? smelly canals? It's moving to the top of the wife's vacation list these days.

Jebus said...

Think you mean you missed the Olympics by 5 years...

Also, nice going setting Greece on fire! :-P

Mihai A. said...

Maria, it was hot in Italy, but hotter in Greece. I've never been to Rome, but my mother was and she said that is a great city.
I hope you'll have a great time and a wonderful trip :)

Anonymous, it is hot and overly crowded. It is worth visiting, but maybe not in August. It is true that the previous time I was there was in a December. But if August was so crowded I can only imagine how it is when the carnival takes place.
Anyway, it is a great vacation site :)

Jebus, I was thinking of Olympics in general :)
And I think that Greece still burns after my passing ;D

ediFanoB said...

Welcome back Mihai! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Nice pictures. Never been to Venice so far.

Jebus said...

Oh and I watched a Romanian film recently, "Katalin Varga", that was actually really good.

Can you recommend any other Romanian cinema to check out?

Mihai A. said...

Michael, I recommend a visit to Venice, it is worthwhile :)

Jebus, I haven't seen this movie. Lately there is a lot of talk of "4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile" (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days), but with all the honesty I didn't like it. I understand why is appreciated outside, because it shows a image of Communist Romania, but I was dissapointed by it. I was expecting something else.
There are two or three other movies lately that everybody talks about but I didn't get the chance to see them.
However, I recommend older movies. I am not conservative, but they are better made and they have much, much better actors. It is a huge list, but for example historical movies like "Mihai Viteazul", "Mircea" or "Noi, cei din linia intii", an adventure series with Commissar Moldovan the main character just to name a few.
After the 1989 revolution there were made less movies and the quality suffers too :)

Jebus said...

Ah yes I saw the 4 months one last year, quite depressing. Cool I'll check out the ones you recommend, I like movies from any era and country.

Mihai A. said...

Jebus, if you need other titles I'll point them out :)