Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cover art - "The Many Deaths of the Black Company" by Glen Cook

Please bear with me once again, because I can’t get enough of this. Here is another cover art for an omnibus of novels by Glen Cook and that has the unmistakable touch of the wonderful artist who is Raymond Swanland. “The Many Deaths of the Black Company” gathers other two novels in the Black Company series in an omnibus edition, “Water Sleeps” and “Soldiers Live”, and it will be published by Tor Books on January 2010. This title went immediately on my shopping list for the next year and leaves me dreaming that one day I’ll be able to buy an art album featuring Raymond Swanland’s works.


Harry Markov said...

The cover art is amazing. Once I get my own space there will be so much fantasy art hanging everywhere. :)

You have an impeccable taste with art.

Mihai A. said...

Harry, thank you very much.
I hope you'll have a space decorated as you like :)

Anonymous said...

Who is that on the cover, Murgen?