Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cover art - "Servant of the Underworld" by Aliette de Bodard (French edition)

As much as I would like to bring my reviews back on track the truth is I am a bit behind with them. Still, the good news is that two of them are already half written, David Wingrove’s “Son of Heaven” and Aliette de Bodard’s “Servant of the Underworld”. I am especially happy about “Servant of the Underworld”, because yesterday I saw on Aliette de Bodard’s blog an awesome cover for the French (which else?) edition of her debut novel. I did like the cover of the English edition of “Servant of the Underworld” published by Angry Robot Books, simple, symbolic and efficient. But the cover of the French edition, “D’Obsidienne et de Sang”, looks wonderful and equally efficient. It is hard for me to choose between the covers of Aliette de Bodard’s “Servant of the Underworld”, because I like both of them a lot, but I do love the approach taken by Eclipse, the publisher of the French edition, too. Not only that this cover would make me pick the book if I see it on a bookshop shelves, but since I read and enjoyed the novel I find the artwork made by Larry Rostant, the master of photographic covers, suitable for “Servant of the Underworld”. And since Aliette de Bodard indicates on her blog post that Larry Rostant will create the covers for the rest of her trilogy I am looking forward to see with what the artist comes up next.

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