Monday, May 26, 2008

"30 Days of Night"

I have to say from the beginning that I'm a fan of horror movies. Even though this movies are not masterpieces of the 7th art, I really enjoy seeing them. I also have to admit that for about 60% of them I feel dissapointment. I'm happy to say that "30 Days of Night" is not a part of that 60%.

The action takes places in Barrow, Alaska, a town that is preparing for the usual 30 days of darkness of every year. But this time the night comes along with a menace, a group of vampires that attacks the remaining inhabitants.

Let me start by saying that I know that in reality there is any place on Earth to have 30 days of complete night. Even at the poles the sun appears for a couple of hours in the winter days. But, considering the movie situation I liked this idea, especially because it contributes to the sensation of trapping felt by the protagonists.

What I also liked at "30 Days of Night" is the change in the classical vampire image. I liked the change in vampires' dentition and I liked that the characters don't use silver bullets, holly water or wooden sticks to kill them. It's good to see that someone can step outside the pattern.

The movie has its amount of gore and action, the tension is pretty good, but I think it should a little shorter, because sometimes the pace is slowed down. Overall is an entertaining movie and an original setting for vampires.


Anonymous said...

Really? I thought it was pretty much crap due to all the gaping logic holes. I mean, the power's out in the middle of winter and they make it through 30 days, with no heat, in the middle of Alaskan winter? Even if you could manage it in the house, what about that woman they find hiding under the house after a couple of weeks? She should have SO been frozen to death by then. Not to mention the vampires being Stupid On Cue, which drives me crazy. I was hoping for something much much better, though the ending had a decent twist. And the dentition thing isn't new -- go back and look at possibly the very first vampire movie, the 1922 silent flick "Nosferatu." He's got the teeth. These guys are throwbacks or something.

Mihai A. said...

I know that the movie has some logic holes, among others that I or you didn't mention, are the facts that Barrow is not in complete isolation for the darkest period of winter or Barrow being the northernmost city in US has a majority of Inupiat people and not white people as shown in the movie. Also speaking about that woman that was hiding under the house, did you noticed that when the main character walks outside the vampires have a hard time hearing him. It is also hard to imagine that the vampires wouldn't find all the people in the town in 30 days :)

I've could point to this things, but I considered the movie as a hole. It is a good horror movie, and I know that is hard to find a horror movie without flaws. Lately I've seen a lot of that genre, but this one I really liked, along with "The Mist", and I think it is pretty well made. And as you can see my option is to ignore that flaws ;)