Thursday, May 29, 2008

In the mailbox & on the blogosphere

I received new books this week, so here they are:

- "Bitterwood" by James Maxey (courtesy of Solaris Books)
- "Dragonforge" by James Maxey (courtesy of Solaris Books)
- "The Mirrored Heavens" by David J Williams (courtesy of David J Williams and Bantam Spectra)
- "The Wolf Sea" by Robert Low (courtsey of Harper Collins UK)
- "School's Out" by Scott Andrews (courtsey of Abaddon Books)
- "Dawn Over Doomsday" by Jaspre Bark (courtesy of Abaddon Books)

Thank you very much and I can't wait to start reading them.

On the blogosphere things are very interesting as always:

- Robert at Fantasy Book Critic has a very nice review of Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon's "Mind the Gap" and three very attractive giveaways Dean Koontz's "In Odd We Trust", James Rollins' "The Judas Strain" & "The Last Oracle" and Jay Lake's "Mainspring" & "Escapament";

- Tia at Fantasy Debut has an interview with Jennifer Rardin, the author of the "Jaz Parks" series;

- Graeme at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review has a review of one of the books I received this week, "Dawn Over Doomsday" by Jaspre Bark and of the classic horror movie "Child's Play";

- John at Grasping for the Wind reviewed the book "Klassic Koalas" and interviewed the author, Lee Barwood;

- Larry at OF Blog of the Fallen has early thoughts about Gregory Frost's "Lord Tophet" and Tobias S. Buckell's "Sly Mongoose", a review of Howard Zinn's graphic novel "A People's History of American Empire" and an author spotlight: D.M. Cornish;

- Jay at The Bodhisattva has an interview with the author of another book I received, David J Williams and a giveaway of "The Mirrored Heavens" signed by the author.


Chris, The Book Swede said...

Thank you for the link :) I'm glad to see you're doing well with your mailbox stuff :D

I expect my ones will arrive soon :) I think you'll like them. Sorry it has taken so long, by the way.

The Book Swede

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks for the link! My review copies have dried up, but I'm kind of hard to keep on a mailing list because I specialize in debuts.

It looks like you're keeping your mail carrier busy!

Mihai A. said...

You're both welcome :)

Chris, I know that my Postal service can be a pain sometimes. I hope they don't mess with this one.

Tia I hope you'll get new books, because when it comes to debuts your coverage is excellent.