Monday, May 19, 2008

In the mailbox

At my return from the trip I was waited, to my great joy, by a full mailbox. As you can see I've changed the presentation of my received books inspired by Larry, from OF Blog of the Fallen, and I adopted his book porn method. So, it looks like pretty much to read, but I don't mind, I'm actually very happy and I will read them as fast as I can. Here are the books received last week:

- "The Inferior" by Peadar Ó Guilín (courtesy of Peadar Ó Guilín)
- "Winterbirth" by Brian Ruckley (courtesy of Brian Ruckley and Orbit Books)
- "Bloodheir" by Brian Ruckley (courtesy of Brian Ruckley and Orbit Books)
- "Scar Night" by Alan Campbell (courtesy of Alan Campbell and TOR UK)
- "Iron Angel" by Alan Campbell (courtesy of Alan Campbell and TOR UK)
- "Promise of the Wolves" by Dorothy Hearst (courtesy of Simon & Schuster)
- "Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine", the July 2008 issue (courtesy of F & SF)

Also I received, along with the review copy of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, a special offer for bloggers and blog readers for subscriptions, so don't hesitate to check out this offer.
And with the help of Graeme, from Graeme's Fantasy Book Review, I found out about a very interesting competition. The competition has a very special prize, if you win you can see your name in the next "Pax Britannia" novel, one of the imprints of Abaddon Books. You can check out Jonathan Green's blog for this competition.


Robert said...

Mihai, glad to see you back from your business trip. Nothing wrong with a mailbox full of books! Haven't read "The Inferior" myself, but I've always wanted to :) "Promise of the Wolves" is on my review list, Campbell books are great, especially "Iron Angel" and I think you'll like the Ruckley novels :) Enjoy!

Mihai A. said...

Thanks Robert. I'm arranging my reading list now and I found a difficult time doing it :). I don't know who to read first, but I think I will figure it out.
I want to write the review for Bill Hussey's novel but I'm a little under the water and I don't belive I will manage it today. Thanks once again.

Larry Nolen said...

Not a bad haul there at all! :D Seems that the UK covers for Campbell's books are better than the US ones I have. Hope you enjoy them all :D

Mihai A. said...

Larry, I liked the UK covers more too. And I certainly enjoy them, thanks :)