Friday, May 2, 2008

In the mailbox & on the blogosphere

I have received recently more books to review, so to my joy I will have work to do. I have to say that half of them are horror books. Spooky...

"Through a Glass, Darkly" by Bill Hussey (courtesy to Bloody Books)
"Meat" by Joseph D'Lacey (courtesy to Bloody Books)
"Ravenous" by Ray Garton (courtesy to Leisure Fiction)
"The Mamooth Book of Jack the Ripper" by Maxim Jakubowski and Nathan Braund (courtesy to Constable & Robinson)
"The First Mother's Fire" by W.L. Hoffman (courtesy to the author)
"The Great Planet Robbery" by Craig DiLouie (e-book format, courtesy to Salvo Press)

On the blogosphere you can find very interesting posts:

- as usual at the beginning of the month you can find the excellent Spotlight: Books of May made by Robert at Fantasy Book Critic. Also you can find an interview with Chris Evans, the debutant author of "A Darkness Forged in Fire: Book One of the Iron Elves". The book was reviewed by Jeff at Fantasy Book News & Reviews;

- Chris at The Book Swede has also some interesting news about the upcoming releases and an excellent interview with Marie Brennan, the author of "Midnight Never Come";

- Joe at Adventures in Reading has the nominees for the 2008 Locus Awards;

- Graeme at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review has a review of "The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction (Volume Two)" edited by George Mann;

- John at Grasping for the Wind has a review of "Empress" by Karen Miller and an interview with the author too. Also you can find an interview with Karen Miller at The Book Swede;

- Larry at OF Blog of the Fallen has the nominees for the Shirley Jackson Award;

- this one I shouldn't post if I want to increase my chances of winning one of this great prizes offered Pat and the respective editors at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. You can win the hole series of L.E. Modesitt, jr.'s "Recluce Saga", Tad Williams' "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn", Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's "The Deathgate Cycle" and Stephen R. Donaldson's first two "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant";

- James at Speculative Horizons has a review of "Gardens of the Moon" by Steven Erikson, that to my shame still lies in my Pile o' Shame;

- Harry at Temple Library Reviews has a review of "Savor Me Slowly" by Gena Showalter;

- and last but not least, Adam at The Wertzone has an excellent nostalgic post about the StarCraft game.

So have fun, I know I have :).


Harry Markov said...

Oh, nice, nice and thank you so much for the mention. It really made me happy! I really have to pick one date in the month to post news around. Soon. Exciting titles you have! Happy reading.

Mihai A. said...

Thank you and you're welcome, Harry.

Unknown said...

Cheers for the mention and enjoy those books! :) You should have some more soon :D

Unknown said...

This is the bookswede, by the way ;)

Mihai A. said...

Thank you Chris and you're welcome :)