Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pax Britannia competition

I mentioned this competition the other day, but in the meantime my imagination went wild. As you know from the previous post, Jonathan Green, the author of "Pax Britannia" novels "Unnatural History" and "Leviathan Rising", has a very interesting competition with an attractive prize. The winner of the competition gets the chance to see his name in print, as one of the characters in Jonathan Green's next "Pax Britannia" novel, "Human Nature". Thinking about it I realized that I would really love to see myself as a novel character and above all I would like to be a negative one (I think I don't take in consideration the saying be careful what you wish for :), as it might come true). So, I'm signing up for this competition and if you want to do the same, visit Jonathan Green's Pax Britannia blog until Saturday 31 May 2008, the limit day for entering the competition.

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