Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cover art article

Following the reveal of Joe Abercrombie’s “Best Served Cold” cover for the US edition and the reactions started by it, the art department of Orbit US made a wonderful article about their cover.

I love the article, especially because I have a huge interest in cover art and because most probably I would have tried to defend my work as well. Like I said yesterday I find the US cover interesting and taken on itself it catches the eye and interest, although I would not know the author. But I believe that I am not the only one making the comparison with the UK cover. Still the article written by Lauren Panepinto makes some light on the process of making the cover and the goal of the Orbit US Art Department.

And one of the publisher goals is reaching for a brand new audience of readers. I certainly can understand that, after all an author doesn’t write just for the love of art and a publisher doesn’t release titles just for fun, making a profit is part of the process. Also I understand that the publisher tries to keep a general line on the presentation and its books to be easily recognized on the library shelves. But I believe that small changes are only benefic and can take way the stereotypical sensation.

I am perfectly aware that the important part is always between the covers, but the cover art plays a definite role in my opinion. When I walk in a library and looking through the shelves my first encounter is with the cover art and a great or interesting one will play in favor of an unknown author or title to me and it will made me pick the book up and read its blurb and look between the covers. So I have to admit once again that although I would have picked this book with both of its covers if the books will stand together I will pick the UK edition.

But it is very nice that Orbit shows us the insights of its Art Department and of the process of making a cover. I am looking forward to read more such captivating articles.


Daya said...

I thought Orbit's article on Making a Book Cover was pretty cool as well--I think I found a new dream job!

Adele said...

I've really been enjoying their cover art articles too. I also like that they take the time to keep an eye on what we are all talking about.

ediFanoB said...

The Orbit's article was quite interesting but to be honest the result is worse because it looks like a compressed version of two single covers.

It is neither fish nor fowl !!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers for posting that link. It is an interesting look into the thought process. And I think they did a pretty good job all told (it is still quite understated). I still prefer the UK cover, especially the full spread.

Mihai A. said...

Daya, it would be another dream job indeed :)

Adele, Michael & Gearoid, I would certainly like to learn more about the process of making the covers. Maybe they will treat us with more articles such as this one :)