Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free fiction - "Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories" by Marian Coman

“Well, I am very happy that I met “White Nights, Black Days”, it showed me again that Marian Coman is a very talented writer. It also made me think that if I had the power I would force Marian Coman to write more. Better still, I would pay him to do it.”
This is the way I finished my review of Marian Coman’s “White Nights, Black Days” and I still believe that Marian Coman deserves every penny for his wonderful works. I even believe that in a perfect world Marian Coman would be able to live comfortably solely from his writing career. Now, I did say that I would pay Marian Coman to write more, but for a few days that would not be possible even if I had that financial power. The reason for this is that Marian Coman’s first appearance on the English market, “Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories” (also reviewed here on my blog), is up for grabs on Amazon for free. Actually, you should hurry a bit because I believe that those few days are reduced to just one since the announcement was made last week, but due to the Romanian Easter celebrated at the end of last week my return to the Internet was made only today. Nonetheless, Marian Coman’s “Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories” is an excellent collection and a great opportunity to experience his wonderful writing. Especially when you can’t get a better offer than this for a highly recommended work of fiction.

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