Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cover art - "The Last Threshold" by R.A. Salvatore

I am very fond of Drizzt Do’Urden despite my dissatisfaction with the path this series of novels took. There is a point in which it seemed to lose its spirit to the mercantile demand. Maybe someday I would give the rest of the novels in Drizzt Do’Urden’s series another chance, just to see where that road leads, but not for the moment. But as I said, I am quite fond of this character and the earlier novels featuring Drizzt Do’Urden are some of my favourite fantasy stories. Another thing that I love at the R.A. Salvatore’s novels with the legendary drow as main character is the amazing work done by Todd Lockwood for the book covers. Todd Lockwood is one of the most gifted artists and the face he gave to Drizzt Do’Urden is memorable. I stopped reading the novels at some point, but I remain an admirer of the book covers drew by Todd Lockwood, regardless of the fact that they are for the earlier novels I love or for the later ones that I did not follow. The latest example is the cover artwork for R.A. Salvatore’s “The Last Threshold”, the four instalment in the new series featuring Drizzt Do’Urden, “Neverwinter”. As a matter of fact, the front cover doesn’t do justice to the entire piece realised by Todd Lockwood, I believe that the entire drawing unfolds on the back cover. But if you head over to Todd Lockwood’s blog you can admire the entire drawing in its full glory, with an appearance of Guenhwyvar and together with a detail of the book cover too. Also the colours are friendlier there and allow all the details to be seen better. It is yet another wonderful rendering of Drizzt Do’Urden by the magnificent Todd Lockwood.

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