Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cover art & Table of Contents - The Red Penny Papers, Fall 2012

The Red Penny Papers is an online fiction magazine published quarterly that with the release of this fall issue celebrated two years of existence. In the first eight issues of The Red Penny Papers I’ve found some very interesting and surprising stories, such as “Postcard Wings above Blackpool Sands” by Cate Gardner, “Coyote Cal’s Guide to Weird, Wild West” by Milo James Fowler, “In the Pits of Isfhan” by Mari Ness, “The Castle of Ashes” by Alexandra Seidel, “Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance” by Carrie Cuinn and two novellas, “Particular Friends” by Camille Alexa and the excellent “Phantasy Moste Grotesk” by Felicity Dowker. The new issue, for the fall2012, benefits on the cover by the wonderful illustration of Courtney Bernard and features five short stories:

“A Connection to Beyond” by Cat Rambo
“Breathing Room” by Jamie Mason
“Fearsome Critters and Friendly Giants” by M. Bennardo
“Crossroads and Carousels” by Alan Baxter
“The Extravagant and Venturesome Lives of Woman Pyrates” by Katy Gunn

The Red Penny Papers is one of the places I constantly visit with pleasure for new short fiction and since this wonderful online magazine enters its third year of life I wish it a Happy Anniversary! I hope that The Red Penny Papers would only grow from now on and to see it published for many more years.

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