Monday, February 28, 2011

A return to the usual schedule

February is almost over and although it was a busy month it was fruitful. The schedule was quite hectic, but it still left me free time and despite a more slowed down reading rhythm than the usual I finished a few books. I still have to write their reviews, 5 of them, but since I return to the usual schedule I believe I will manage it soon. I missed blogging this month and it feels good to be back. Hopefully, starting from this week, I can return to the usual rhythm. How was your past month?


ediFanoB said...

The past month has been busy including some health problems.

Reading has been fine. But I have a review backlog.

Good to see that you are back.

Unknown said...

Welcome back, Mihai. How's the parent trap treating you? :)

Looking forward to reading some more of your reviews.

Mihai A. said...

Michael, I hope that you are well now :)

Rabid Fox, we are treated very well, with a lot of smiles and laughs. I could still catch up on sleep, but it is not much of a problem :)