Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

In the recent years the one writer who had the fastest and most tremendous impact on my reading experience is Carlos Ruiz Zafón. “The Shadow of the Wind” was the best novel I read in a long period at the time I finished it and it still remains unbeaten on that position so far. “The Angel’s Game” didn’t rise at the same level as “The Shadow of the Wind” for me, but it still is a wonderful book. This year I caught up with all of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s novels, “Marina” a beautiful and touching novel that lies the foundation for the later “The Shadow of the Wind”, and the catching “The Prince of Mist”, “The Midnight Palace” and “The Watcher in the Shadows”, part of “The Mist Trilogy”. Just in time for the new Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s novel, “El Prisionero del Cielo” (The Prisoner of Heaven, I believe this is the proper translation, but it remains to be seen), due to be released on 17th of November by Planeta. Not much information can be found about “El Prisionero del Cielo” yet, except that the novel is set in Barcelona of the 40s and 50s, features the amazing Cemetery of the Forgotten Books and is the third novel in the series of “The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books”, together with “The Shadow of the Wind”, “The Angel’s Game” and a fourth novel that will complete a scheduled tetralogy. I will be back with more information and the cover of “El Prisionero del Cielo”, the novel that became one of my top reading priorities, when they will be available.


Mad Hatter Review said...

A new novel in Zafon's mosaic world of Barcelona? You just made my week. Now I wish I still read Spanish well enough to read a novel as I did when The Angel's Game came out.

If only we knew when an English translation would be available. With The Angel's Game the English version was about four months behind the Spanish so hopefully we'll see it by early Spring next year.

Harry Markov said...

I think I will need to get my hands on his titles, before his bibliography grows beyond the ability to follow it. I do have The Shadow of the Wind.

ediFanoB said...

I read The Name of the Wind which is still one of the best books I read ever. I read The Angel's Game too which is also an excellent book but not as good as The Name of the Wind.

As far as I know the translation versions sold well. It will be a question of time when we will get a translation of El Prisionero del Cielo.

I definitely want to read it

Mihai A. said...

Mad Hatter, I am improving my Spanish and someday I hope to read Carlos Ruiz Zafon's novels in their original language. I hope that the translation of "El Prisionero del Cielo" will be available soon, but until then you can catch up with "Marina" and "The Watcher in the Shadows" which are due to be released next year :)

Harry, I can't recommend "The Shadow of the Wind" enough :)

Michael, indeed is a question of time. Hopefully we will see its translation sooner than later :)

Joel said...

I absolutely adored Name of the Wind, one of - if not the - best book I have ever read. The Angel's Game was almost as good. I remember spreading out my reading just so that I could make it last. I had no idea there was another book coming, so thanks so much for announcing it here!