Monday, November 7, 2011

A return, with a small change of schedule

With most of the working projects cleared it is time for me to return to the blogging schedule. Sort of, since this schedule will suffer a bit of changes too. It has been a hectic working year and still is. Apart from this, the best thing of my life happened close to 11 months ago and he is such a delight that I often forget about everything else. My son took priority over everything else and that is reflected on my passions as well. I still read and I am still enjoying reviewing the books I read, after all blogging about them brought to my passion a new perspective. And although I know that I still have room for improvement without any regrets for the past year I left reviewing on a second plan. I have plenty of reviews to finish and a couple of interviews that remained stuck somewhere in the middle. So I believe that a small change in the blogging schedule is necessary at this point. I will still post and review, hopefully interview some of the authors and artists I love too, but I am not certain how the rhythm of the posting would be. I do hope though that you will still enjoy those posts whatever their time of appearance will be.

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