Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pan Macmillan acquires two new horror novels by British author Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill is one of the strongest voices of modern horror, with 4 novels already published, one of them , “The Ritual”, winning the British Fantasy Award this year for the best horror novel. I confess that I did not read all the four novels Adam Nevill published so far, but his debut novel, “Banquet for the Damned”, was a good first appearance for the author (reviewed here) while “Apartament 16” proved to be even better and revealed a more assured writer. With these two novels in mind I find the recent news exciting and looking at the book cover for Adam Nevill’s upcoming novel I can only eagerly wait for the release of his new works.

Julie Crisp, Editorial Director at Pan Macmillan, has concluded a world rights deal for two further horror novels by British author Adam Nevill with agent John Jarrold. The deal also involves re-publication of Adam’s first novel, BANQUET FOR THE DAMNED, as a Pan paperback. The new books will be published in 2014 and 2015.

Adam Nevill’s novels APARTMENT 16, THE RITUAL and LAST DAYS have already been published by Pan Macmillan, with HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS due for publication in May 2013. THE RITUAL won best horror novel at this year’s British Fantasy Awards and the Guardian recently dubbed Adam ‘Britain’s answer to Stephen King.’

Julie Crisp said: ‘I’m absolutely thrilled that on the perfect day for it – Halloween – we’ve acquired the next two books from Adam Nevill. We have a proud tradition of publishing horror at Pan Macmillan and Adam is a shining example of brilliant – and terrifying – British horror writing!’

Adam Nevill said: ‘I am thrilled about this opportunity to keep building a body of work with a terrific publisher, and one with such a significant legacy in the field of British horror fiction. On Halloween too. Perfect timing. In celebration, sacrifices will be made to strange gods.’

Congratulations, Adam! I hope to hear more such wonderful news!

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