Friday, May 31, 2013

Cover art - "A Terror" by Jeffrey Ford’s work on the short stories of speculative fiction has been nothing but the best so far. I believe that is one of the prime destinations for the readers in search of high quality speculative short fiction. However, its focus hasn’t been set exclusively on the published fiction, but also on the artworks accompanying the short stories. The artworks are so good that I very often found myself spending as much time on admiring the illustration as for reading the short story. Some of the best artists are at work on illustrating these stories and the latest one that caught my attention comes from John Jude Palencar and accompanies Jeffrey Ford’s story, “A Terror”. It is such a creepy artwork, but extremely effective. And as terrifying as it looks I cannot get my eyes off it. Yet again a tremendous work made by and the art department led by Irene Gallo.


Addicted2Heroines said...

Oh, wow. Fantastic work! Definitely grabbed my attention.

Mihai A. said...

It is amazing! It gives me the chills, but I still can't stop admiring it. :)