Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Table of contents - “Terra Nova. Antología de Ciencia Ficción Contemporánea” (Terra Nova. The Modern Science Fiction Anthology) edited by Mariano Villarreal & Luis Pestarini

Back in June I’ve spotlighted a wonderful project of international speculative fiction, Mariano Villarreal’s anthology “Terra Nova. An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Science Fiction”. Born from the desire to promote speculative fiction without neglecting its literary qualities and with an emphasis on authors who originally write in Spanish “Terra Nova” published its first volume on December 2012, in Spanish, followed shortly by its edition in English. True to their word, Mariano Villarreal and Luis Pestarini, the editors of the first Spanish volume of “Terra Nova”, continued their excellent work and put together a second volume of “Terra Nova. Antología de Ciencia Ficción Contemporánea” (Terra Nova. The Modern Science Fiction Anthology). With a global representation this second volume of “Terra Nova” features works by authors native or originally from Spain, Argentina, Vietnam, Nigeria, Israel, China, Australia and United States and will be released on 21st November by Fantascy. As it was the case with the first volume I hope that an English edition of this anthology would be available as well and by then hopefully I will manage to write my review of the first “Terra Nova” too. Actually, since I am quite behind with this particular review I would like to re-read it first and only then properly review the collection.

“Presentación” (Introduction) by Mariano Villarreal
“La textura de las palabras” (The Texture of Words) by Felicidad Martínez – also available in the English edition of the first “Terra Nova”
“Separados por las aguas del río celeste” (Scattered Along the River of Heaven) by Aliette de Bodard – translated in Spanish by Raúl García Campos
“Las manos de su marido” (Her Husband’s Hands) by Adam-Troy Castro – translated in Spanish by Raúl García Campos
“¿Pueden llorar ojos no humanos?” (Can Inhuman Eyes Cry?) by Germán Amatto
“Juicio Final” (Judgment Day) by Carlos Gardini
“Araña, la artista” (Spider, the Artist) by Nnedi Okorafor – translated in Spanish by Manuel de los Reyes
“La djin” (The Jinn) by Pedro Andreu
“Noches de cristal” (Crystal Nights) by Greg Egan – translated in Spanish by Carlos Pavón
“En el filo” (On the Edge) by Ramón Muñoz
El ultimo Osama” (The Last Osama) by Lavie Tidhar – translated in Spanish by Raúl García Campos
“El hombre que puso fin a la historia: documental” (The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary) by Ken Liu – translated in Spanish by Pilar san Román

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