Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Title spotlight - "Where You Live" by Gary McMahon

To my delight, the list of future releases I would love to read recently grew further thanks to Gary McMahon. After the announced novel “The Bones of You” due to be released on October by Earthling Publications and the novella “Reaping the Dark” due to be released by DarkFuse on May 2014, Gary McMahon prepares for publishing a short story collection and a short novel. “The End” is a short apocalyptic novel due to be published early next year by Newcon Press and details of this title will be available soon. “Where You Live” is a short story collection due to be released by Crystal Lake Publishing, it consists of 12 stories previously published in Gary McMahon’s collection “It Knows Where You Live” released by Gray Friar Press in 2011, 2 older reprints and 4 brand new stories. The collection benefits from an excellent artwork made by the very talented Ben Baldwin and it will be available on December. So without further ado, I am just very happy to see that one of the most distinct and powerful voice of modern genre fiction is keeping us busy.

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