Friday, March 21, 2014

Cover art - "Scourge of the Betrayer" by Jeff Salyards (French edition)

Marc Simonetti is not a secret anymore, his reputation spread worldwide over the past several years. It is only just for things to be this way, Marc Simonetti proved his great talent on plenty of occasions with his paintings, works that also embellished the covers of books signed by Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin or Patrick Rothfuss and published in France, Brazil or United States, just to give a few examples. Personally, I am always happy to see a new cover receiving life out of Marc Simonetti’s brushes, even more so when the book in question is one I enjoyed a fair bit. As it is the case with Jeff Salyards“Scourge of the Betrayer”, the first novel in the “Bloodsounder’s Arc” series. However, as much as I liked Jeff Salyards’ novel I couldn’t find equal excitement about its original cover, the artwork was merely all right for me. I cannot say the same about the French edition though, Marc Simonetti, once again responsible for a very attractive book cover, captured perfectly the atmosphere of “Scourge of the Betrayer”, the vicious flails, a solid presence but keeping something to themselves, as they do within the pages of the novel, the chronicle, written and reflected in blood and violence, and the teasing hints born out of the mirrored image. Dark and menacing, in my opinion this cover is the perfect match for Jeff Salyards’ “Scourge of the Betrayer”. And my interest in the upcoming second novel of the “Bloodsounder’s Arc” series, “Veil of the Deserters”, is now accompanied by my curiosity in how a cover for the French edition of Jeff Salyards’ sophomore book would look like.


Hanna W. said...

The cover looks great. I will be forever jealous of Simonetti's artistic talent, constantly wishing I could make art half as gorgeous as the stuff produces. Since Simonetti did the french cover of the first book, it would make sense if he did the second one too.
Great post!

Mihai A. said...

Thank you very much.
Yes, Marc Simonetti is one of the best fantasy artists of nowadays. I am always impressed with the level of his art and always happy to see his works. And indeed it would be logic for him to do the French cover for the second book if that one is published in France too. :)

Jeff Salyards said...

Marc did a stunning job on the French cover on Book 1. The publisher bought the rights to publish the series, so here's hoping they secure Marc for all of books!

Mihai A. said...

Congratulations, Jeff! And here is to many more foreign deals for you and your books.
Hopefully, Marc would be behind the French covers of the following novels too. :)