Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free reading - Finnish Weird

There is a rich and wide world of fiction waiting to be discovered and one of the recently mined veins on the English market comes from Northern Europe. The Swedish John Ajvide Lindqvist and Karin Tidbeck, the Icelandic Snorri Kristjansson or the Finnish Hannu Rajaniemi and Leena Krohn are some of the names popping into mind at a first call, while titles such as “Let the Right One In”, “Jagannath” or Desirina Boskovich’s anthology of Finnish speculative fiction, “It Came from the North”, gave the readers the opportunity to explore Northern Europe’s genre fiction. Another chance to dig within this abundant vein of speculative fiction is offered now through “Finnish Weird”, a free publication dedicated, as the title clearly states, to the Finnish weird fiction. There are plenty to be found in “Finnish Weird”, an introduction by Johanna Sinisalo, a description of the Finnish weird by Jussi K. Niemelä, a presentation of the writers Emmi Itäranta, Tiina Raevaara and Jenny Kangasvuo and two short stories, “Gordon’s Story” by Tiina Raevaara and “Flow My Tears, Fall from Your Springs!” by Jenny Kangasvuo. So, if you want to whet your appetite for Finnish weird fiction you can head over to the publication’s website and download a copy of it in either PDF or Epub format.

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