Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Free fiction - "Lipstick" by Michael Haulică

I am certain that plenty of Romanian writers can make an important contribution to the world of speculative fiction and I do hope that one day more of their works would be translated into English. If that starts to happen sooner rather than later remains to be seen, until then, here is another example of Romanian speculative fiction, a morsel of a story, “Lipstick”, written by one of the most important names of the local science fiction, Michael Haulică. “Lipstick” was published several times in Romanian, in 1993 in Jurnalul SF (SF Journal), 1996 in Dependent SF (SF Addicted), 1998 in Dealul Melcilor (Snails’ Hill), 2001 Cronica Română (Romanian Chronicle), in the author’s personal volumes, “Madia Mangalena” (1999) and “Fantastic Stories” (2010), translated into Danish in 2004 and published in “Science Fiction” magazine and in English in “Magaera” (2003), “Magaera Anthology Vol.1” (2005) and Anotherealm (2003), being finalist of the “Invasion” contest. You can read Michael Haulică’s “Lipstick”, translated by Adriana Moșoiu, either on his personal site or on Anotherealm.


Michael Haulică said...

Thank you very much, Mihai.

Mihai A. said...

It is my pleasure, Michael! :)