Friday, August 1, 2014

Book offer - "Last Year, When We Were Young" by Andrew J. McKiernan

I’ve mentioned some time ago my delight in seeing Andrew J. McKiernan’s short stories gathered in a single volume, “Last Year, When We Were Young”, I was also very eager at the time to see Andrew J. McKiernan’s debut collection published and start digging within its contents. Well, it took me a bit longer than I hoped, I’ve just started reading it, but although it’s still early to draw a final conclusion I have to say that its reward is beyond even my most optimistic expectations. I anticipated something of this kind, after all I am quite fond of Andrew J. McKiernan’s stories I read so far, but nothing of the sort. And it seems I am not the only one, “Last Year, When We Were Young” is pulling some raving reviews:

"McKiernan is a magician. He performs magic tricks in every story, spinning us around, making us believe one thing before showing us we were wrong all along. His stories are pure magic, staying with you like an echo long after reading." - Kaaron Warren, author of Slights & Walking the Tree

"Last Year When We Were Young, is proof yet again of the incredible writing talent that can be found in Australia and further still, proof that horror can have a meaningful voice that goes well beyond blood and gore." - Greg Chapman, Thirteen O'Clock

"A troubling collection of weird and twisted tales. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying; always clever, always disturbing. Highly entertaining!" - Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO

"The sixteen tales in the collection draw inspiration from a variety of genres and styles, with the magically humorous juxtaposed against the frightfully repulsive, but each story has something in common: they are all hauntingly clever." - Alayna Cole,

Therefore, if you want to see for yourself what Andrew J. McKiernan is up to in his debut short story collection you can get the Kindle compatible ebook of “Last Year, When We Were Young” today and tomorrow at a bargain price (Australia, UK, US). After August 1st and 2nd for other three days you can still buy the book at a discounted price, although it is slightly more than on the first two days of August. And if I am not mistaken and you prefer a physical copy of Andrew J. McKiernan’s “Last year, When We Were Young” you can get one during these days through Satalyte Publishing’s webstore with a 25% discount.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

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