Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"The Invincible Sun" by K.J. Parker on the horizon

I find K.J. Parker to be one of the best and most original fantasy writers, her/his works have always surprised and thrilled me. And the form of the said works has little relevance, no matter if it is a series or a stand-alone novel, a novella or a short story, fiction or non-fiction K.J. Parker excels with every single one of them. Therefore each piece of news about a new book or short story signed by this excellent writer brings me nothing but delight, as it is the one hinting at K.J. Parker’s new novel. With a release date set for February 2015 “The Invincible Sun” is the first novel in a new trilogy by K.J. Parker. There is not much more information to be had at the moment and even the scarce one surfaced so far is pretty general.

The first in a epic trilogy from the acclaimed author of Sharps. K.J. Parker's new series is a perfectly executed tale of intrigue and deception that will leave you breathless. THE INVINCIBLE SUN tells the story of an empire. With an extraordinary cast of characters, from soldier and generals to politics and princes, THE INVINCIBLE SUN will appeal to a broad range of fantasy readers and is destined to become a landmark work in the genre.

However, I am certain there is nothing of standard issue about K.J. Parker’s “The Invincible Sun”. After all, I don’t have only my preference for K.J. Parker’s works to back me up, but also the short stories sharing the same universe as the upcoming novel. Three of which can be enjoyed for free online, “Amor Vincit Omnia”, “One Little Room an Everywhere” and “The Sun and I”, with the last one depicting the birth of the religion of the Invincible Sun.

For me, K.J. Parker’s “The Invincible Sun” is the most anticipated book of February 2015.

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